Dog Rules

Squirrel Lodge welcomes well behaved dogs.

Please Call if you wish to bring your four legged friend. Not all of our rooms at Squirrel Lodge can accommodate dogs. Additional charges do apply.

If you wish for your dog to join you on your stay with us, we ask that if possible, you bring their own bedding and blankets to help them feel at home. We can supply dog towels for those wet days.

We do have a few house rules that we would like dogs and their owners to follow:

 No dogs under 12 months old!

 Please put your dog on a lead when entering Squirrel Lodge.

 Dogs are not to be left alone in the bedrooms at ANY time.

 Please do not allow your dog to jump on the beds OR furniture as we may have to charge extra for cleaning.

Only Guide Dogs or Assistance dogs are permitted in the dining area. However dogs left in a dog crate in the bedroom over breakfast time is welcomed. Another option would be to leave your dog in the car over breakfast time.

Because of dog food smells ONLY dried dog food to be fed while in the bedroom. If you use tinned dog food, please feed your dog outside.

Please inform us of any accidents which may happen, immediately. We understand these things happen from time to time but would appreciate if you inform us ASAP.

Please make sure your dog is dry before going to your room.

As a precaution, we insist that all dogs are treated for tick and fleas at least 1 week before you leave home, e.g. Frontline, just as any reputable dog kennel would require.

Your dog will appreciate a walk last thing at night before you go to bed and first thing in the morning before you have your breakfast. There is a local park in very close proximity to Squirrel Lodge. Please ask for directions and we will be happy to advise you. Poop bags are available upon request as well as doggy treats kept in the entrance hallway.

Should any damage be sustained to Squirrel Lodge Guest House or should there be the requirement for industrial level cleaning to the guest bedrooms, charges will be incurred by the dog owner